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Steam Summer Sale 2019 start and finish dates have been leaked

Published: 12:07, 16 May 2019
Spoofed image of Gabe Newell with a discount icon and a scared wallet
Steam Summer Sale 2019 spoof

Steam Summer Sale 2019 will kick off on 25 June 2019 so there is a little over a month left to save up money that will end up in Valve's pocket once the mass discounts kick off. The sale will conclude on 9 July 2019 according to the leak.

Valve will follow the tradition and start the Steam Summer Sale at the end of June. The leak originated on Steam CN and was later confirmed by and a few other sources. 

The Black Friday of the gaming world will once again feature event-specific Steam trading cards if you are looking to level up on the platform. 

It appears that Tim Sweeney & co. anticipated the butchering of wallets at the end of June and are gearing up for a sale of their own. Given that Metro Exodus is into its third month since release, it is quite possible the game will have a chunky discount there.

Still, the Epic exclusives can't really rival the sheer amount of games and discounts that accumulated over 15 years of Steam's existence as a store.

Steam users will have about two weeks to pick up what they like and probably a pile of other games they will buy more because of the juicy 75 or 90 per cent discount. There is a reason why our libraries have 200 or so games while we didn't even touch most of them.

Should you find yourself unable to decide what to get from Newell's digital candy shop, there are a couple of indies that we liked so far. In case either or appeal to you, it would be good not to miss out on potential offers.

Dreadlocks Promotional image for Dex by Dreadlocks Ltd Dex

Dex is a sidescrolling non-linear cyberpunk RPG while Hellsign is an isometric one but in a paranormal horror setting. We will keep our eyes open for more deals on potential hidden gems in the future so check back around 25 June 2019 if you'd like a heads up on such games.


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