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Dex might get a sequel, according to Steam Award nominations

Published: 15:08, 27 November 2021
Qubic Games

Dreadlocks Ltd seemed to shelf Dex games for several years but a glimmer of hope appeared for the fans as Steam Award nominations came about.

Dex is not a game that managed to take the world by storm but those who played the humble 2D cyberpunk RPG mostly found themselves happy to have gone through the protagonist's ups and downs as the grand conspiracy in futuristic dystopia unfolded. A total of 87 per cent of Steam user reviews for the game ended up being positive, which speaks volumes on its own.

Many of those players became fans and hoped for more games showcasing the struggles and progression of the blue-haired heroine but Dex came out in 2015 and no new games have been announced since. Dreadlocks Ltd are still working on Ghost Theory, which left the Dex fans without hope to see a new game in the same universe in the near future.

However, all that could possibly change as the devs seemingly teased a new Dex game or at least attempted to gauge the interest in a sequel. This info comes from the Labor of Love nomination at the Steam Awards. Considering the game is about six years old at this point, it was weird to see it in the Steam news feed, asking for the nomination.

More importantly, the description hinted at the possibility of Dex 2.

The devs found it interesting that the community kept following Dex all those years later and asked the fans to nominate the game for Labor of Love award in order to see how many are still interested in the sequel. While this could bear some fruit, it's dubious whether it's a good way to gauge the interest in another Dex game since many players have moved on.

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