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HellSign gets a gadget update that makes it worth revisiting

Published: 01:03, 04 August 2020
Ballistic Interactive
Picture of the investigator character from HellSign

Ballistic Interactive are not exactly rolling out major HellSign updates every week which makes it easy to miss them so this might as well be your PSA to check the game out once again, following the improvements made to gadgets.

HellSign's latest update has reworked and improved all the gadgets while adding interdimensional tendrils from the poltergeist world and spirit orbs, which are the fragmented spirits of the recently deceased.

These two new additions have different ways of interacting with your newly revamped gadgets. For example, the tendrils' interference helps the hyperbolic mic find EVPs but also heavily disrupts the EMF.

On the topic of the gadgets themselves, they have been rebalanced to feature more varied gameplay as each gadget will have pros and cons. Some may be battery operated so you only get limited use out of them while gadgets' ranges have been greatly altered. For example, the earpiece will have a more noticeable effect while gadgets will be automatically holstered when you decide to sprint.

Furthermore, the blacklight and parabolic mic can now be used to investigate corpses and spirit orbs, respectively, which will either grant bonuses or outright identify the cryptids in the area. While the bonuses are nifty, they are heavy on battery life.

While not directly tied to the gadgets, one extremely welcome change pertains to pistol and revolver reload animation fixes which have been a mess ever since HellSign's release in Early Access.

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