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HellSign update adds a bunch of new weapons

Published: 22:35, 02 December 2020
Ballistic Interactive
Picture of the investigator character from HellSign

Ballistic Interactive released an update for HellSign, adding a bunch of new guns but it's hard to tell the exact number since some of them replaced old firearms.

HellSign players can now enjoy killing Cryptids in new ways, with several weapons that should technically offer different playstyles. They range from semi-automatics and revolvers over burst fire and automatics to new exotic and powerful sniper rifles.

The full list of weapons added:

  • Calico Light-SMG, new early game smg
  • C-7 Crossbow, new deadly single shot weapon
  • K39 Hunting Rifle, new mid-range lever-action rifle
  • K5 Battle Rifle, new semi-auto rifle
  • Vitor Bullpop, new midrange burst fire gun
  • BFS 2KX Combat Shottie, new magazine shotgun
  • Straya Typewriter V-SMG, new ultrafast smg
  • Parka Sniper Rifle, new sniper rifle
  • Tactical Carbine MI4 AR, new crit assault rifle
  • Viscera Carbine, new semi-auto sniper rifle
  • MG24 Light-Machinegun, new machinegun
  • AOD-A12 Auto-Shotgun, new automatic shotgun
  • M2 Anti-Materiel Rifle, new 1-shot/1-kill rifle
  • S9 Silenced Pistol, new crit oriented pistol
  • Steer Burst-Pistole P18, converted to a burst pistol
  • Speargun, new deadly single shot weapon
  • Grease Machine-Pistol, new secondary automatic pistol
  • Lebrux 1857 Quickshooter, new quickshot revolver
  • Auto Crossbow, new automatic auto crossbow
  • 19's Marksman Pistole, new crit oriented pistol
  • Ozzy '76 Sniper Revolver, new sniper revolver
  • Straya Juggernaut Shorty, new secondary shotgun
  • Bayonet Revolver, new counter damage gun
  • Micro SP-3, new secondary shotgun
  • Shark Tooth Heavy-Revolver, new heavy revolver

Some highlights here include the automatic crossbow, Bayonet Revolver and the anti-materiel rifle which is apparently a one-shot, one kill type of weapon. It should be interesting to use in Poltergeist encounters.

Ballistic Interactive Picture of a gun shop menu in HellSign HellSign - A screenshot of the old shop, before all these cool new things were introduced

The total number of weapons is now 39 and the armoury should now include something for everyone, be it a fan of the Wild West looking to put six fast shots into a Cryptid, a tactical monster hunter or someone simply looking to utilise the weirdest arsenal on the planet.

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