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HellSign launch announced even though the game is unfinished

Published: 18:25, 23 December 2020
Ballistic Interactive

Ballistic Interactive announced that they will officially release HellSign in 2021 but also that the game will not receive content updates, hinting that it will remain an unfinished project.

HellSign is a fantastic Early Access game but the emphasis is still on the Early Access part. It doesn't have a complete story and it could definitely use more chapters. However, despite the unfinished state, the developers decided they would just forego that particularly important part and launch the title out of its Early Access state.

The announcement came on the Steam community page and it's safe to say the players are not happy about it. Normally, it's a celebration when a game is leaving Early Access but since it's not finished and will not be, according to the developers' words.

Apparently, the reason for rushing the release is that HellSign hasn't been profitable "for quite a while now" which also put the strain on the dev team who need to pay their bills. In other words, the devs are pulling out because HellSign development is taking up too much time and not bringing in enough money.

Considering it costs $19.99 / €19.99, getting 20 or so hours of entertainment looks great on paper but there is also the issue of players having bought the game, hoping to see a finished product one day. 

Now it's evident this will not be the case, which is also the reason why Recent Reviews and All Reviews scores were so different at the time of writing, standing at 63 and 80 per cent, respectively.

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