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HellSign update introduces new tools and an enemy

Published: 02:57, 23 October 2020
Ballistic Entertainment

HellSign is seeing more development activity it seems as Ballistic Interactive introduced a brand new enemy and several tools to the game as it trucks on in Early Access.

Ballistic Interactive are a developer duo that has been working on HellSign for years and the fact they aren't a chunky studio is the reason why the game hasn't been completed yet. Still, the devs are putting out regular updates and the latest one brings along a new entry-level enemy as well as tools of the monster-hunting trade.

Spectre is the name of this apparition that the hunters will have to face after the latest update. It features teleportation and psychosis abilities. If teleportation wasn't enough, the incorporeal form makes it hard to aim at so the newcomers will definitely have a challenge ahead of them while trying to hit this enemy.

The three new tools are the Carving Knife, Dead Man's Map and RX-20 Shotgun Mic. The knife is used to extract cryptid parts which makes it great for sweeping jobs where these might be of use. To accommodate the addition, the crafting recipes have been revised to use cryptid parts and evidence.

Dead Man's Map will offer some orientation to the hunters as it utilises corpses and bone piles as reference points. It should help with making out what's what on the map but it's not that detailed.

The new microphone will detect potential signs in areas that emit odd sounds. Those who played the game back in the days when HellSign just launched into Steam Early Access will recognise it. RX-20 will replace the tier 1 parabolic mic and can detect sounds through walls.

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