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HellSign gets a forest level not long after gadget update

Published: 05:24, 07 August 2020
Ballistic Entertainment

Ballistic Interactive folks have been hard at work when it comes to HellSign as they introduced two major updates in about two weeks with the latest one bringing a new map to the table.

HellSign's gadget update seems to have allowed Ballistic Entertainment to delve into new territories as they introduced a brand new recently. The hunters will now occasionally be hired for scouting or sweeping jobs in the forest, which can appear on the job selection map.

Speaking of gadgets, they have received several improvements and optimisation changes. Cryptids can no longer be analysed if already dead so that's one horse to beat off the table.

VRAM usage when using thermal gadget should now be done to normal so it won't be clogging up your performance. Thermal and parabolic mic now better match their descriptions and the latter has received a buff to the range and it will now pick up original dead people sounds. Spooky as it's meant to be. 

Furthermore, parabolic visuals have been improved and EMF sounds that were too loud have been toned down. Parabolic and blacklight should  be a bit more reliable as their battery consumption is down.

A bug that was happening since release in Early Access, the upside-down text in the journal, has finally been dealt with. A locale file's missing string has been found and added.

Kelpie oil and blood pool now have proper audio cues as footstep splashes can be heard when there is movement in them.

Experience needed for level 17 has been rebalanced while the level cap is now up to 20.

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