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Steam Lunar New Year Sale start date revealed

Published: 10:32, 07 January 2020
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Steam Lunar Sale

The next big sale on Steam is the annual Lunar New Year Sale and it's set to start on Thursday, 23 January 2020. This one will be a bit shorter, it will run for only seven days.

If you missed Steam Winter and Holiday sales for some reason, fear not, the next major sale is about the start pretty soon. Like always, Steamdb website have revealed the date of the next Steam sale which is the annual Lunar New Year Sale. 

It starts in just two weeks, on Thursday, 23 January 2020. Steam are yet to reveal details so there's nothing official but the last year sale lasted for seven days so it's expected that Lunar New Year Sale for 2020 follows the same pattern. That would put the end date somewhere around 30 January 2020.

Last year, all players received a one-time automatic $5 discount on certain games over $30 and it remains to be seen if the same promotion will be available this year. It would be a nice gift that's for sure. As you may know, buying games during Steam sales will earn you tokens that you can redeem for special rewards like emotes, badges and discount coupons. 

Steam Sales are a great opportunity to buy some of the biggest titles at discounted prices so if you have something on your wishlist, make sure to check out the prices in two weeks, it's possible that some sweet deals await you. Once the sale kicks off, we'll make a list of some of the best deals to help you pick some games if you usually can't decide which ones to get.

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You can check the countdown timer to Lunar New Year and also take a look at Steam Sales history on .

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