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Steam is introducing online support for local multiplayer games

Published: 10:14, 10 October 2019
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Steam is preparing to launch a brand new feature named Remote Play Together, which will allow players to play local multiplayer games over the internet with your buddies.

As the war of the video game launchers continues, Valve are looking to win another battle and keep Epic Games Store behind with brand new, quality of life features. One of these new features has been officially announced today and it's named Remote Play Together.

This feature will allow players to play local multiplayer games over the internet with friends. Valve revealed the new feature to developers via their Steamworks website but the news was quickly reported by PC Gamer. Soon after that, Valve's Alden Kroll officially confirmed it on his Twitter.

"Today our team announced another great new platform feature that will be built into Steam: Remote Play Together. This will allow friends to play local co-op games together over the internet as though they were in the same room together," Alden Kroll wrote.

It's a pretty big feature that has a lot of potential and Steam users will almost certainly welcome it with open hands. PC Gamer reports that Steamworks page claims that the feature will work automatically for all "local multiplayer, local co-op and split-screen games," which could mean that the devs won't have to do a lot of work, if any, to implement the new feature in their games.

Kroll further clarified how exactly Remote Play Together will work. He wrote that it's only for shared-screen or split-screen games and explained the new feature in detail. "The tech is streaming your screen to your friend and capturing their input and sending it back to the game, so you are both playing the same game, looking at the same thing."

As for the release date, Remote Play Together is currently planned for beta release in the week of 21 October 2019. 

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This is not the first time that a gaming company is attempting to introduce a feature like this. Previously, Nvidia had similar functionality with a game streaming service called GameStream co-op and Sony have their PS4's Share Play service.

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