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Steam officially has one billion accounts as of 28 April

Published: 12:07, 30 April 2019
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Valve's popular game distribution service Steam has hit a unique milestone as its one billionth user registered an account on 28 April 2019, and even though this doesn't mean all the accounts are active, it's still more than noteworthy.

After all, even faking a billion accounts takes time and it's a reminder of Steam's popularity and importance.

The user in question goes by the name amusedsilentdragonfly, so it's not quite a name for history books, but it will have to do for Steam's billionth user.

According to latest data coming from Valve themselves, Steam had active monthly users in January 2019 though, so the actual figures are nowhere near the first metric.

This would suggest that there are around nine fake accounts for each regular Steam account, which would normally be a bit concerning, but 15 years worth of popularity, not to mention absolute dominance, does that.

Having reported 67 million the year before, Steam's growth has been attributed to Valve's expansion and the company will definitely be needing every user in their quest to fend off Epic. 

Granted, Valve know they have more time and that Steam's reach is bigger than ever, but those advantages won't last forever. 

Epic's CEO Tim Sweeney recently said that they would stop getting new exclusives and consider putting their games on Steam if Valve took their cue and adopted the business model, which is quite the move that puts the ball in GabeN's court.

Valve haven't responded thus far, but it's hard to argue with Sweeney's assessment, i.e. that if Valve responded by dropping their 30 per cent share, it would be a moment for the history books.

Much more so than amusedsilentdragonfly, by the way, as amused as it may be. 

AltChar Logos of the Epic Games Store and Steam Epic Games Store v. Steam

Of course, Epic Games are hardly the only competition Valve will have to face, as Tencent have recently launched their outside of China, and its 200 million strong userbase is likely to give both a run for their money.

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