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Steam glitch gave out free indie games, tanked Trading Card value

Published: 09:42, 13 May 2019
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SidAlpha, game critic and ruffler of industry feathers as he calls himself, has reported on a serious glitch that plagues Steam, allowing for free downloading of several indie games and consequently tanking their Trading Card values.

The games in question are indie offerings such as Glare1More and Fantasya Final Definitiva Remake, although quite a few more games seem to be affected.

It turns out that Glare1More could've been downloaded by anyone if they found it via, and this information quickly found its way online.

The method was quickly posted on, from where Glare1More and quite a few others ended up being downloaded like crazy.

In fact, Glare1More ended up trending on SteamDB, which was unfortunately only due to the exploit. SidAlpha says that the sheer volume of Trading Cards being obtained and converted to Gems ended up tanking the value.

A post on Steam alerted the developer Kurenaibook to this issue, as well as the fact that adding Glare1More doesn't add +1 to the game count.

Kurenaibook explained that the version that this exploit installed is the license for internet cafes and networks, hence the missing +1 counter, and kindly asked that those who downloaded it for free at least leave a review.

We must admit that it's an admirable reaction by the dev, to say the least, and some people who acquired the game illegally have actually and said they'll be buying the game.

CleanwaterSoft's game Fantasya Final Definitiva Remake was activated more than 175,000 times on Steam, all illegally, despite only the first chapter being free. The rest of the chapters, or books as dev calls them, should've been paid content, but there you have it.

For the sake of not perpetuating the situation, we won't be listing other games affected for this bug, but you've enough info to find it for yourself.

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This is hardly the first time indie games were wronged by Steam, and the latest one that comes to mind is when the platform's algorithms back in October 2018. And we're not sure this is helping Steam's case against the Epic Games Store.

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