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Steam gets more event visibility via Labs

Published: 23:45, 05 March 2020
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Valve folks are pushing more experiments through Steam Labs and the latest one pertains to news about games in a user's library. Events will be more visible and chances of missing out lower than ever.

Steam is launching the News Hub's experimental phase via Steam Labs. This feature will try to highlight live events for the users in order to notify them about potential discounts or other celebrations and bonuses.

It aims to do so by adding more visibility to the currently active events so the users are pretty much just one click away from participating. These events can include developer streams, bonus progression points for a limited time, new content and potentially sales.

Scrolling further will let the players see events and announcements based on the time they happened. That way the users will be able to see events as they happened over time while the upcoming events tab will offer a glimpse into those that will happen in the future. On top of that, Steam users will be able to set up reminders in order not to miss out on such things.

There are five main sources of the event feed for everyone:

  • From a game in a library
  • From a game on a wishlist
  • From a game that a user is following
  • From a game recommended by Steam
  • From the Steam Blog and Steamworks Blog

Many options to customise the view will be available and users will have the power to hide posts from specific games and sources. Therefore, if you don't like a particular upcoming release or find a game that Steam recommended to be irrelevant, you can just ignore them.

Valve Promotional image for Steam library update No, the experiment doesn't offer a way to revert the library update

These are the highlights but you can check out the full post on Steam blog for more information, including the mobile layout.

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