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Steam gets new wishlists, filters, sorting options

Published: 12:19, 17 February 2018
Steam logo with grayscale library in background.

Valve claim the update will give users more control over their Steam Wishlists, with plenty of filtering and sorting options. Early Access status and review scores are also there and the long clamoured for 'Add to Cart' button has been added as well.

Even though Wishlists showed discounts and prices, filtering items by discount didn't work, making life much harder for cheap yet distinguished gentlemen such as myself. Moreover, Valve added tag based filtering as well, with top tags displayed for all Wishlist items.

Steam will now give you an option to hide games that may be in Early Access or simply unreleased until they arrive. Of course, all user choices will be saved for future use.

Valve Screenshot of Steam whishlist changes showing new sorting options and filters. Steam - New whishlist layout

The company conceded that adding a 'Add to Cart' button on the Wishlist hasn't been as straightforward an affair as they had expected. The issues arose once different versions or bundles of a game cluttered up the screen, but Valve say those days are behind us.

The system was apparently simplified so that "games with a single purchase option can now be added directly to your cart, but for games with alternative purchase options, you can click through to the store page to find the right option for you."

Now as long as there's Steam there'll be crying over design, with the platform's immensity there for all to see. In fact, you may recall that every once in a while we had user generated images of possible Steam redesigns, many of them pretty good looking.

St. Newell of Steam St. Newell of Steam

Unfortunately though, it seems as if Valve managed to add as many good things as they removed, with some users reporting limited functionality and removal of what they saw as very useful features. We'll refrain from any rash conclusions but will report as soon as we log into Steam with everything from a Mac all the way up to actually useful devices, such as PCs and microwaves.


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