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Steam Game Festival gets a trailer for each genre, Valve prepping 500+ demos

Published: 10:26, 29 January 2021
St. Newell of Steam

Steam Game Festival is closing in and that traditionally means sales, demos and gaming galore. And if you're indecisive, Valve have you covered with a trailer for each genre.

We're talking about Valve here, so you can bet on Steam Game Festival gathering the best of the best, both in terms of game development and consumption.

The House of GabeN will host a number of developer livestreams, general chats about future projects, and more than 500 free game demos for players to try before they buy. 

To help players prepare and perhaps pick some early favourites, Valve rolled out a whole playlist of trailers, which, although brief, should give you a who's-who in each. As usual, there's everything from walking simulators and visual novels to VR worlds and intricate strategies. 

The GabeNNites listed some proper gems too, like SkaterBird by Glass Bottom Games, and Fling to the Finish, which promises to be our next game to lose friends over. 

RPG lovers weren't forgotten of course, with an assortment that ranges from pixelated JRPGs, to ultra-realistic Trail of Ayash, which plays with an alternative history version of native Americans.

If you prefer puzzles and/or stylishly framed adventures, here you go. 

Next up are platformers, almost all of which immediately catch the eye, in spite of being worlds apart in terms of style. 

Horror-game lovers have a handful of interesting games coming their way, including point and click title Slender Threads, the highly anticipated Little Nightmares 2, and others. 

Adventure games will feature heavily, and there are quite a few to look out for, including Hazel Sky, the pixelated adventure that still manages to take our breath away Narita Boy, and more. 

Last but not least is the action genre, which features headliners like Almighty: Kill Your Gods, stylish carnage-fest Bloodroots, hack and slash tower defence title Kingshunt and many more.

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