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Steam discount cycle per game is going down to 28 days

Published: 12:12, 03 February 2022
The Witcher 3 in top 10 best selling Steam games
The Witcher 3 in top 10 best selling Steam games

Valve is introducing a change to Steam's discount policy in March 2022 that might let us have more discounts but it also increases risks of fake discounts.

One of the benefits that Steam is most well-known for are the frequent discounts the players can run into and empty their wallets on, which then results in a massive library. However, the less well-known fact about it is that devs and publishers can't just discount their games willy nilly. 

With Steam's current rules, they have to wait 42 days between discounts on their games, meaning one title can't have two sales back to back. Once a sale is over, there can't be another one until 42 days are up. There are a few exceptions to this rule because Steam-organised sales such as the Summer, Halloween, Lunar New Year and other sales do not incur the waiting period and they can start immediately after a previous discount ends.

This is going to change in March 2022 when the delay will be reduced by exactly two weeks and the same game will be eligible for a new sale 28 days after the previous one ended.

There are positive and negative sides to this change. The positives are obvious - a regular gamer can see sales more often and they will have more opportunities to acquire games at a lower price.

Steam Steam Winter Sale runs until January 5 Steam Winter Sale is one example of sales that don't incur the cooldown period

However, this might mean some publishers and developers could try to pump a price of a game up beyond what would be deemed reasonable and then have sales as frequently as possible, in an attempt to entice buyers while only providing illusory discounts.

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