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Steam Autumn Sale is live with some sweeter than sugar deals

Published: 09:29, 22 November 2018
picture showing Steam Autumn Sale logo
Steam Autumn Sale

Another week of big discounts on Steam is ahead of us. The Steam Autumn Sale is live and it will go through Black Friday and Cyber Monday before ending on 27 November 2018. Here are some of our personal budget crushing recommendations.

Just when we thought that this week's game deals couldn't get any crazier due to Black Friday discounts, Steam have started their own Autumn Sale which will last for a whole week. Some great deals can be found already on the first day of sale, so if you're looking to spend that hard earned money on some games this is the period of the year you've been waiting for. 

With so many deals flying around at the moment, we picked our personal favourites and to be honest, we would recommend some of them even at higher price points. We included games from different genres so hopefully, everyone finds something that suits them.

We'll start with Square Enix's action-adventure Nier: Automata which was one of the best games of 2017 and it's currently 50 per cent off from the regular price. You get to explore the machine-driven dystopia for just £19.99.

If you're a dinosaur fan or even better a Jurassic Park franchise fan and for some reason didn't try Frontier Developments' building simulation Jurassic World Evolution now is the time to give it a go. Manage dinos and build your Jurassic World for £17.99 which is 60% off from the initial price.

Let's give some love to Indies and support the smaller studios. Enter the Gungeon from Dodge Roll is a dungeon crawler with pixel graphics with more than 90 per cent positive reviews on Steam. You can guide your band of misfits to Gungeon's ultimate treasure for just £5.49. Another little gem is Motion Twin's action-platformer Dead Cells which features procedurally generated dungeons and you get to experience them for £17.59.

Some other, standard discounts include deals for Cities Skylines, Fallout Franchise which include Fallout 4 for £9.99, Capcom's Monster Hunter at £32.99 and for sports fans, NBA 2K19 is 50 per cent off and is sitting at £19.99. 

Motion Twin Player is walking in a dungeon next to a giant skeleton Dead Cells

More games will be discounted during the sale so if your pick is not on the list at the moment check back again before the sale ends. 

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