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Stay home and comfy with PUBG StayCation giveaway

Published: 12:08, 26 August 2020
Updated: 12:11, 26 August 2020
PUBG merch
PUBG merch

PUBG Corp are encouraging fans of their game to remain isolated as Coronavirus is still rampaging through the world. To that end, here is a giveaway of PUBG merch with the good message.

Spending summer enclosed is barely anyone's idea of a good time but if you are a PUBG fan, it might all be a bit easier as there is another giveaway underway with the goal of encouraging people to stay inside.

The official motto of the merch in this giveaway is to "Stay In, Frag Out", a message that can be seen across all the pieces of PUBG-themed clothing in the package.

There are two packages for two lucky winners and each of them includes:

  • PUBG Stay In, Frag Out T-Shirt
  • PUBG Stay In, Frag Out Socks
  • PUBG Stay In, Frag Out Mug
  • PUBG Stay In, Frag Out Boxer Shorts

In order to have a chance at winning the goodies, you can enter the raffle by going to the tweet below, and retweeting it with #PUBGStayCation comment. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with this and future giveaways.

The promotion will run until September 2, 2020, at which point we will randomly choose two winners and announce them on the Twitter thread.

Unfortunately, the giveaway is not worldwide and only European residents are eligible for participation due to issues imposed by Coronavirus. 

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