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State of Decay 2 gets Xbox Series X/S optimisation and new difficulty

Published: 21:37, 03 December 2020
Undead Labs
State of Decay 2
State of Decay 2

Undead Labs announced a new difficulty and the improved version of State of Decay 2 for Xbox Series X/S. On top of that, the players will be able to grab some freebies for a while.

Xbox Series X/S optimisation for State of Decay 2 include better loading times, improved world and shadow details and 60FPS at resolutions up to 4K. All the gory details should be even more visible with these changes.

Those who appreciate the gameplay side of things more can look forward to Lethal Difficulty. It will reduce the amount of resources you can collect in the world while the enemies will hit harder and blood plague will be even more dangerous. Not enough for you? Well, Plague Hearts will grow faster as well and destroying one will not provide safety from the hordes around it. On top of that, the freak zombies will now be replaced by their blood plague variants.

On the flip side, if you are not looking for all these changes as they could present a bit too much of a challenge when combined, you can mix and match parameters in the Custom Difficulty. For example, you will be able to make a difficulty where the zombies still hit harder but the resources aren't that scarce. 

In case you are actively playing State of Decay 2 or if you were on the fence on whether to download it - make sure you are around when the Stay Frosty Pack becomes available. It will add themed items that can be earned through in-game challenges or discovered in the open world.

This pack will be available for free but only for a limited time and given the theme, it will probably be available around the Holiday Season.

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