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Star Wars The Old Republic patch shuffles Uprisings level

Published: 02:37, 16 February 2021
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Players who love the fast and brutal action of Uprisings in Star Wars: The Old Republic will need to check out a few level changes before jumping into the activity again.

SWTOR's Uprisings are designed to be a bit of a respite from the actual RPG elements and more focused on combat and action. That said, they are not exactly activities for the beginners and it seems like the devs are trying to tune the requirements to funnel the properly equipped players into the activity, although the patch notes only state that the intention is to create a more balanced experience.

First up, the players will now be able to complete Uprisings at level 75, letting them enjoy the full potential of their power instead of having to scale down to 70. This is likely quality of life change for those who are maxed out but it remains to be seen what the impressions will be like after the fans have had a few runs with the new environment.

Those who didn't reach the max level yet can jump into Uprisings at level 70 but they will only be able to choose between Story and Veteran modes - Master mode will require level 75.

To accommodate the ability to play with the full stats, the devs rebalanced the difficulty and the time needed for completion of Uprisings but the most important part for most players is that all the loot drops have been increased.  

While significant, these changes are only the tip of the iceberg that is the latest update in SWTOR .

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