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Square Enix suddenly add always online DRM to Final Fantasy X/X-2

Published: 18:26, 26 March 2019
Square Enix
Picture of a castle in Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X

Square Enix added always online DRM to Finaly Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster three years after the game's release for no apparent reason. All it managed to accomplish is to ruin the existing players' mods in a game that was cracked long ago.

While DRM is always an unwelcome sight, regardless of whether a player is looking to pirate a game or purchase it legitimately, the latter group tends to tolerate it due to the developers' and publishers' need to protect their product and actually earn money from their work and investment.  Protecting a game with DRM usually makes sense if it is applied before the official release in order to maximise sales and discourage piracy.

Square Enix, on the other hand, pulled a move that made absolutely no sense in any version of the word. They recently with a patch that apparently fixed minor bugs but also stealthily added always online DRM to the game. Players can no longer play the game offline and many are reporting that the update broke the mods they came to use and love over time.

While Final Fantasy X/X-2 player base is not exactly gargantuan, it is devoted. There were a few hundred concurrent players at the very least ever since the game released in 2016 and games can often thank mods for their longevity. The same mods this change broke.

Square Enix's decision making is dubious at best as not only they managed to piss of the players but they did so with no valid reason whatsoever. FFX/X-2 is three years old and the prime sales window has been gone for years now and the game is not exactly a pirate's delight these days so there are no interests they could possibly hope to protect with the DRM.

Square Enix Picture taken from Final Fantasy X by Square Enix Final Fantasy X

The only thing they managed to do is cripple the service provided to paying customers. Some of them are already reporting they downloaded a pirated version just to overwrite the files and play the game offline once again. If the FFX/X-2 piracy spikes as a result of the patch, it would be a ridiculously ironic turn of events.

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