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Final Fantasy XVI has been delayed

Published: 08:18, 28 December 2021
Square Enix
Final Fantasy XVI
Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix announced they would be releasing Final Fantasy XVI a little later than fans may have expected.

Coronavirus has once again impacted game development. Shocker. This time around, it was Square Enix announcing that Final Fantasy XVI has been delayed later into 2022. Technically, any release outside of 2021 would be a delay but pretty much anyone with a calendar knew by the time it was announced on December 27.

According to the official post on Twitter, the issues with working from home resulted in some assets being delivered behind schedule while others were entirely cancelled.

Naoki Yoshida, the producer of FFXVI, apologised for not being able to deliver any news about the game during 2021 and promised that the next big reveal would happen at some point during the spring of 2022. That's still a time window that's quite wide but at least the fans have something to look forward to.

The community seems to have mixed feelings about the delay. One part is happy that the game isn't getting rushed and that they will eventually get something worth sinking time into while others are unhappy as it looks to them that FFXIV is taking priority over other projects due to its increased popularity recently.

If you're not in the loop, FFXIV found itself in the middle of a massive player surge as a chunk of WoW community left the game and looked for other MMOs to join.

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