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FF XVI has been in development for 4 years, it's coming sooner than people expect

Published: 09:12, 25 September 2020
artwork showing Final Fantasy XVI logo
Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI release date may come sooner than players expect, reliable Jason Schreier claims. Apparently, the game has been in development for at least 4 years in some capacity.

Earlier this month, Square Enix have officially announced Final Fantasy XVI, their next major instalment in the popular RPG series. Sadly, the publisher did not reveal a release date for the game which suggests that it may take a while before we get our hands on this title.

However, it looks like Final Fantasy XVI could arrive sooner than people expect. Bloomberg's Jason Schrier, who is one of the most reliable industry insiders, has offered a couple of interesting details about the game in the latest Triple Click podcast.

He states that people who worked and are familiar with the game told him that Final Fantasy XVI has been in development for at least four years in some capacity and that it's coming sooner than people expect. You can check out his comments here , starting at 00:09:50.

Square Enix Final Fantasy XVI screenshot showing a male character with his mount Final Fantasy XVI

This would mean that Final Fantasy XVI development started sometime in 2016, potentially after the release of Final Fantasy XIV's first expansion pack called Heavensward. Our safe bet for a release date would be late 2021 or early 2022.

Final Fantasy XVI is officially announced PlayStation 5 as a console exclusive but you can also expect it on PC and Xbox Series X once the deal with Sony expires. 

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