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Panzer Dragoon developers are working on several remakes for Square Enix

Published: 11:27, 03 March 2021
Square Enix
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The developers of Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon Zwei remake, Forever Entertainment, have signed a deal with Square Enix to work on several remakes for the publisher.

Forever Entertainment and Square Enix have partnered up to bring several remakes of games owned by the Japanese publisher. According to the official press release, the Polish developer (Forever Entertainment) are set to receive more than 50 per cent of the revenue of games on all platforms.

Here are some of the interesting bits from the announcement:

"Forever Entertainment has a contract with Square Enix to create several remakes. Forever Entertainment has signed an agreement with Square Enix to create and release several remakes of games based on a single brand owned by a Japanese company. For its participation in the project Polish developer is expected to receive more than 50% of the revenue of games on all platforms. The Company will cover the costs associated with the implementation of the contract from its own resources."

At the moment, the details about these remakes are pretty scarce. We do not know what exactly are Forever Entertainment working on but a safe bet would probably be some older Final Fantasy title. It's also possible that games like Chrono Trigger or Drakengard could receive a massive overhaul.

Hopefully, we'll get an official confirmation very soon since the news about remakes sounds pretty exciting, indeed. 

Final Fantasy, a legendary RPG Series by Square Enix

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