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Spider-man playthrough takes about 20 hours, without side quests

Published: 17:55, 27 August 2018

With Spider-man's launch date now so close that our AltChar senses are tingling, community director at Insomniac Games James Stevenson put to bed the rumour of the web-slinger's game taking less than 13 hours in total to complete.

Stevenson was replying to a twitter enquiry when he said that the "average play tester took around 20 hours on default difficulty". Note however that this accounts for the main storyline gameplay, while side quests and activities are likely to inflate the figure higher.

Spider-man's new Manhattan is bigger, better and prettier than ever, so there will be no shortage of exploring options. With that in mind, you can bet we're looking at way more than just measly 20 hours. Heck, I'll probably be idling that long.

Stevenson couldn't tell the exact size to the byte, but he did that Spider-man will take up a minimum of 45GB. Seeing as how Day 1 patches have become the norm rather than the exception, expect a few gigs worth of additional downloads too.

Unfortunately, it is likely that this is the last we'll hear of Spider-man until it launches on 07 September 2018, at least when it comes to the dev. Insomniac Games already rolled out the last trailer leading up to the launch, teasing Spidey's suits and gadgets, which you can find .

Overall, fans seem to agree that 20 hours is more than enough, considering that God of War's vanilla campaign runs at about 22 hours. The game's newly added mode, which started as a mere option for more playthroughs with same character, not only did well - it reignited some of the hype from the beginning of the year.

Sony Spider-man slinging a web at a person's face Spider-man

With excitement over Spider-man palpable, Sony will be looking to make it three classics on the trot. It's no secret Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War have done more than well for them, driving profits and even chipping in the hardware side of things by driving console sales at some point. While matching those records may be asking for too much of Spider-man, we're sure it will do more than fine.

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