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Spider-Man could be your free PS Plus title for June 2020

Published: 09:43, 25 May 2020
Updated: 09:44, 25 May 2020
screenshot showing PS Plus free badge on Spider-man Standard Edition
PS Plus free badge on Spider-man Standard Edition

It looks like Spider-Man will be one of the free games for all PlayStation Plus members in June 2020. Over at PlayStation Store, a PS Plus badge has appeared on the game's Standard version.

Sony are set to officially announce PlayStation Plus games for June 2020 this week but it looks like one of the games that will be coming for free to all PS Plus members has been leaked. Over at PlayStation Store UK, a free PS Plus badge has appeared on Spider-Man Standard Edition, suggesting that Spidey is indeed part of the June 2020 PS Plus lineup.

As you can see in the screenshot above, yellow PS Plus logo can be found just below the game's price, which is also discounted to £7.99. However, once you add the game to your basket, the price suddenly changes to £34.99, suggesting that the new pricing is yet to go live.

Sony Spider-man taking a selfie on top of a tower Spider-man

If Spider-man is indeed coming to PS Plus for free, then this could mean Sony and Insomniac are set to announce a brand new Spider-Man game on the upcoming next-gen showcase event. Of course, these are rumours floating around at the moment and Sony are yet to officially confirm the details but to us, this seems like a pretty realistic scenario.

Spider-Man (2018) by Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

Fortunately, we won't have to wait for too long to see if Spider-Man is the freebie for June 2020 since the official PS Plus lineup announcement is coming in just a couple of days like we already mentioned.

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