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Souls-like action RPG Lies of P gets first gameplay trailer

Published: 08:26, 09 November 2021
Lies of P gameplay looks superb
Lies of P gameplay looks superb

Developer Round8 Studio have showcased a short gameplay footage of their upcoming souls-like action RPG Lies of P, which is coming in 2023.

If Bioshock and Bloodborne had a baby, it would be called Lies of P. This souls-like action RPG, which is inspired by the classic Italian novel Pinocchio, was announced earlier this year with a stunning trailer which attracted the attention of many Souls games fans, and today, we finally get to see the game in action.

The publisher Neowiz and developer Round8 Studios have shared a short gameplay teaser, which shows the game in its alpha state. We have to say that Lies of P looks pretty solid, even for an alpha, and some of the weapons and abilities that are presented in the trailer look polished and fluid. 

The combat is very similar to souls games with perfect parry and stagger mechanics but there are also some cool additions like the grappling hook that allows players to pull the enemy closer to themselves in Scorpion style.  

But we don't want to spoil it anymore, check out the latest Lies of P trailer.

Lies of P: Alpha Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Lies of P is currently in full production and will be coming sometime in 2023 to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The developer will talk more about the game's story and features at this year's G-STAR event in South Korea, from November 17 to 21, 2021.


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