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Sony reveal PlayStation DualSense, hilarious memes ensue

Published: 08:47, 08 April 2020
artwork showing ps 5 controller and stormtrooper
Fits perfectly

Sony officially revealed DualSense, a brand new, redesigned controller that will ship with their next-gen console PS5. Many are impressed by the futuristic design but others took the opportunity to create some absolutely hilarious memes.

DualSense is the name of the PlayStation 5 controller, which Sony have officially revealed last night. We got two images, showing a brand new, futuristic design which many are absolutely loving at the moment. However, just like with PlayStation 5 logo, some decided to joke around and create tons of hilarious memes. From Xbox controller fusion to colourful toy-like designs, we made a list of the best ones so without further ado, let's dive straight into it.

This colourful version will serve as a perfect, non-working, deception for a younger sibling who just won't leave you alone until you allow him to play with you. Make it happen Fisher Price.

 So that's how androids feel like when they are replaced by a brand new version that does everything they do but better.

So which one is the PlayStation 5 controller? Yes, DualSense looks like some sort of a home gadget for Portal 2's Atlas.

Kratos seems impressed.

If PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X had a child.

The ultimate form.

Right in the feels.

To conclude with a legitimate one. We really, really need a black DualSense.

Here's a gorgeous-looking bonus. DualSense design inspired by God of War, Spiderman and other PlayStation exclusives.

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