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PlayStation owner accidentally buys 11 years of PlayStation Plus membership

Published: 06:54, 03 July 2020
Updated: 11:47, 03 July 2020
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PlayStation Plus

A Twitter user who goes by the name of Zeus says he is either the world's dumbest or unluckiest person ever. He accidentally bought PlayStation Plus membership until 2031, spending more than $1000 in the process.

ZeusOfAimAssist  better start praying that Sony's PlayStation Plus subscription transfers over to PlayStation 7 or whatever console we might see in the next 11 years. He accidentally renewed his PlayStation Plus subscription but instead of extending it to one year, Zeus spent over $1000 and is now a PS Plus member until 2031. Yes, you read that right, eleven years of PS Plus.

"I am officially the worlds dumbest or unluckiest person," he wrote on Twitter. "I was playing PC all today and in the background, my controller was still connected to my PS4 and spam buying [PS Plus] membership."

 Zeus says he is sure he was not hacked and now has membership until 2031. 

If the whole situation is not comical enough already, right before this tweet, Zeus wrote that he got a bank report about a locked credit card after someone logged into his PSN account and spent $1000. Turns out it was him, extending his PS Plus subscription for another eleven years.

"Whoever logged into my PSN account and spent $1000 I need to know what the f**k you would have even spent it on?" Zeus angrily tweeted. "Can’t be mad because I’m getting it all back but you a c**t for getting my card locked and you could definitely get tracked by the bank."

We have to say that one thing is for certain in ZeusOfAimAssist's hilarious story - he won't be switching to Xbox Series X anytime soon. Jokes aside, Sony will probably refund the money if Zeus sticks to "rogue controller" story.

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