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Sony to reveal an "entire slate of games" next month

Published: 09:08, 14 May 2020
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Sony are set to host a huge event on 04 June 2020 where they plan to reveal an entire slate of games according to Venture Beat's Jeff Grubb who previously leaked both Tony Hawk and Unreal Engine 5 announcements correctly.

It looks like Sony's highly-anticipated PS5 event could be just around the corner. According to the latest hints from Venture Beat's Staff Writer Jeff Grubb, the event is currently scheduled for 04 June 2020. At the moment, we do not know the scope of the event or what exactly Sony plan to showcase in less than a month but Grubb has confirmed that we will get to see an entire slate of games. 

"Should be an entire slate of games. A lot," Grubb replied after one concerned Twitter user pointed out that "slate" does not really sound that promising.

Sadly, we do not know whether Sony plan to show only exclusive games or perhaps some titles from third-party studios but judging by Grubb's words, this should be a pretty exciting event.

AltChar Twitter artwork showing Jeff Grubb's list of events Twitter - Jeff Grubb's list of events

It is worth noting that Grubb previously leaked Tony Hawk and Unreal Engine 5 announcements. He even has a full list of all the upcoming reveals and events with several hints, including a weird one mentioning "Mel Gibson picture". Mad Max 2 perhaps? 

All in all, it should not take long before Sony officially confirm this event since it's coming pretty soon and the Japanese tech giant probably want to start that hype train rolling as soon as possible. 

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