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Sony to allow PlayStation Network name changes?

Published: 16:35, 13 February 2018
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It's been a while since users had started pulling Sony's sleeve to allow PlayStation Network name changes. To be honest, it seemed as if they will never budge but the mighty gods of mount Sonympus have finally heard the cries of the weary masses below and may even grant their request.

The news came in a somewhat peculiar way, where an anonymous tipster pointed at an email with a questionnaire, in which Sony wonders whether users would be interested. Duh. Maybe they could've, in their eternal benevolence, skipped the surveys and gone down to the muddy forums of Internet, no?

The questionnaire proposes a model, whereby users would be able to change their names every six months and absolutely for free. In case users want to go back to an older name however, they'd have to bother customer support. First page of Sony's questionnaire on allowing changes to PSN names. Sony: Exploring? Understand whether gamers are interested?

We must admit we were a bit taken aback by the move, because we were somehow certain Sony's gonna monetize the life out of this feature. We're glad we're wrong though.

In contrast, Microsoft has found a model that works and pays well, with equal degree of ignoring the customers. Things weren't always that rosy though, because it didn't always work. Microsoft always gets paid though.

To be fair, Sony had hinted that this feature is in the pipes back at PlayStation Experience 2017 and it seems the company has finally gotten 'round to it. Interestingly enough, Sony pointed out at the time that the issue is much more difficult than it seems and expressed hope, rather than promised to address it. Well, hope doesn't get you intro trouble, right?

As much as the feature may be appealing, it's too early to give any guarantees and the questionnaire states so in no uncertain matters. However, at least the company says they will think about it.

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