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Sony PlayStation won't be at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019

Published: 23:56, 15 November 2018
Updated: 09:07, 16 November 2018
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Sony have announced that their Sony Interactive Entertainment branch will not be attending E3 2019 and therefore no PlayStation content will be promoted at the event. This could hint at a potential convention organised by Sony themselves.

Many fans have taken the news of Sony not attending E3 2019 as an omen of things not to come. And by things, we mean games. This will likely not be the case as Sony never said they didn't have plans or anything new in store for the fans, but simply stated they would withdraw from E3.

They aren't the first to (not) do it, as EA did not attend the event in 2018 either and held EA Play on grounds next to E3. This will not be the case with Sony though, as the company they wouldn't be pulling a similar move to Game Informer.

According to Sony's statement, they are looking to "experiment with new ways to delight gamers" which is the reason they have decided not to attend E3. Apparently, they are "exploring new and familiar ways to engage [their] community in 2019" adding that the people at Sony can't wait to share their plans with fans.

This statement in particular makes it sound like Sony are planning several in-house events, despite recently announcing they wouldn't hold PlayStation Experience this year. According to Sony, the cancelation happened due to the company not having enough to show at the event.

All things considered, it really sounds a lot like Sony are going to organise their own event after all, at a point in time that would suit the company the best as they wouldn't want to show up empty-handed. With PlayStation 5 just around the corner, it is highly likely Sony will have many announcements to make in 2019.

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Not attending E3 2019 can prove to be a huge blow regardless, as walling their fans in didn't prove a worthy strategy for Sony earlier either, when they attempted to bar crossplay between their players and those on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.


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