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Sony mark a year to remember with a 2018 game recap

Published: 08:46, 03 January 2019
Updated: 13:53, 03 January 2019
Kratos from God of War, Mr. Burns from Simpsons and Steve Jobs
God of War

There's no doubt that Sony had a year well worth remembering, both in terms of standout PlayStation 4 performers in general but especially with the company's exclusives, such as God of War, Marvel's Spider-Man and Detroit: Become Human.

Perhaps it was only fitting to kick off the trailer with Spider-Man, which really blew through most expectations, even though they weren't really that low to begin with. Nevertheless, we're not sure anyone could've said with certainty that Spidey will blow God of War out of the water but apparently it did.

For all the popularity of DC's Batman and the Arkham series, which couldn't have been more exquisite if it tried, Spidey still raced to the title of the superhero game in the US, ever. We guess the ball is now in Batman's court, so hopefully, we see DC fight back.

As for God of War, Kratos and his deicidal urges returned in 2018 with a brand new parental focus, even if we're not sure child services would've agreed with what the little guy was being taught to do. There was some criticism aimed at the new direction but it was quickly drowned out by millions of voices who just loved the new Kratos.

God of War's speed record was eventually toppled by , which we're sure Sony didn't mind much, but the game is a standout performer for sure. And yes, we're not just talking about being standout in Sony's exclusives stable, even though we've limited this piece to exclusives for obvious reasons. 

Detroit: Become Human may not have reached the stellar heights of Dad of War or Spidey but judging by its start, which saw Quantic Dream in five months, we're looking at the most mature, if not the best David Cage offering ever.

Quantic Dream A view of a futuristic city through a glass pane window Detroit: Become Human

Of course, the trailer is chock full of games, including many that had much less of an impact than PS4's exclusives but Sony did well to include Fortnite. After all, the game that managed to tear down Sony's antisocial cross-play walls - a precedent that other companies will hopefully build on in the future - automatically deserves a spot, no?

God of War, Sony's PlayStation 4 exclusive masterpiece

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
God of War

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