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Is Sony really the villain for not allowing Fortnite crossplay?

Published: 06:41, 15 June 2018
Updated: 20:22, 19 June 2018
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Fortnite character is facepalming at the failure of the game's community

Sony is suffering major backlash for not allowing Fortnite or any other game crossplay between PlayStation 4 and either Nintendo Switch or Xbox One. It sounds, and is, terrible but it's not only Sony to blame for the mess paid by players.

Sony are waging a PR war against Nintendo, Xbox One and enraged PlayStation 4 owners who can't play with their friends who use Switch or Xbox One. Even worse, some PS4 owners can't use their own accounts to play Fortnite on Switch if they played it previously on PS4 and vice versa.

The angry mob, complete with pitchforks and torches, is out for Sony's blood right now because they look like the tyrants that won't let gamers enjoy the products they paid for. Sony's main reason behind the decision to erect the gamers' equivalent of Berlin Wall is that .

Nintendo Switch is on Sony's crossplay blacklist simply because it became a surprise hit and is . It is clear Sony is defending its market lead by denying the crossplay to Switch and Xbox One. They have allowed crossplay with PC, Mac, Android and iOS because these devices do not impact the console market too much.

Therefore, players are suffering because Sony are playing politics with Nintendo and Microsoft. So yes, the angry mob is righteous and should lynch the big bad Sony. They shouldn't stop there though, as Microsoft are to blame in equal measure, so the angry mob would do well to pay them a visit too.

This , over half a decade ago when Microsoft wouldn't let crossplay between the consoles happen with Defiance, in order to save their market cut. Defiance just didn't happen to be as popular as Fortnite so the dust settled rather quick but make no mistake - if the market share was reversed today and Xbox One was dominating it, Microsoft would open Xbox Live for crossplay.

Trion Worlds Dodge Charger in the game Defiance is modded to be driven on rough terrains. Defiance - I wonder if we will get to drive more of these Dodge Chargers

It is always the underdog that is pushing for this feature as it offers them an opportunity to be more competitive while it doesn't necessarily benefit the dominating company. This is corporate warfare 101 and it's only the consumers who are suffering.


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