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Someone added "Dating Sim" tag to Elden Ring's Steam page

Published: 14:37, 06 August 2021
Bandai Namco
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From Software's highly anticipating action RPG Elden Ring is now officially on Steam and shorty after the page went live, some players thought it would be funny to add some tags that don't really have much connection to the game.

Ahhhh, or should we say Ohhhh, Elden Ring. From Software's long-awaited title is finally launching early next year and Bandai Namco, the publisher have recently set up a Steam page for the game, where players can wishlist this action RPG and talk about it thanks to Steam's Discussions feature.

As expected, Elden Ring's Steam page is quite popular, despite only launching yesterday. So far, the game already has a bunch of open topics, over 110 of them, at the time of writing, to be more precise. On top of this, there are a bunch of tags, which are, of course, user-defined.

You probably know that from time to time, players love to goof around with tags, and with Elden Ring page, it's no different. We already have tags like "Dating Sim" and "Cute" under the official description, and considering that the game will have its own version of "Firekeeper", the Dating Sim tag does fit here.

Daniel Ahmad Twitter Elden Ring tags on Steam Elden Ring tags on Steam

Jokes aside, the tags that are showing up right now include "Souls-like", "Dark Fantasy" and "Difficult" among others, which certainly are a better fit for From Software's next big thing.

We are wondering, though, what would Souls veterans think if From Software actually implemented relationships mechanic in their games. Surely, that would be a major hit among the community? 

Elden Ring - an action RPG by George R.R. Martin and FromSoftware

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