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Someday You’ll Return devs cut hours of content from the main storyline

Published: 15:14, 20 May 2020
Updated: 15:15, 20 May 2020
CBE Software
Someday You'll Return
Someday You'll Return

Someday You'll Return's developers have decided to make the entire experience more enjoyable to players by chopping hours off the main storyline. The devs also came up with a clever workaround to the stealth portions of the title.

CBE Software have decided to remove some content from their newly released title Someday You’ll Return. The decision was made in order to streamline and improve the overall experience. 

Many games usually take the opposite route and add a bunch of content post-launch but CBE Software took out hours of already finished gameplay to keep the whole title as tight and narrative-driven as intended.

"After reading feedback from our customers, it became clear to us that some parts of the game, mostly in the second half, were not enjoyed as we had expected them to be," said Jan Kavan, CBE Software co-founder. 

After taking a look at Someday You’ll Return, the developers decided to cut away hours of superfluous content from the main storyline. 

Some of the "missing" areas can still be found by careful exploration and doing additional tasks well off the beaten path. This was done to preserve the months of hard work that went into making the content that was deemed unnecessary.

Stealth is a major point of contention among gamers and a part of Someday You'll Return's gameplay. The players who don't enjoy the crouch-and-walk-slowly portions of the game now have access to a potion called "Devil’s Pact". 

The potion will render the players almost invisible to enemies and let them complete the stealth-required portions of the game with ease.

Those among you who enjoy stealth, we congratulate you on your patience. You can elect not to drink the "Devil’s Pact" potion and progress through the stealth sequences as planned.

Someday You'll Return is now available for PC (via Steam ). The game is also coming to console sometime this year.

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