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SNES Classic sells 4 million units

Published: 20:31, 05 February 2018
Official packaging for Nintendo's SNES Classic consoles
Nintendo SNES Classic Box

Remember the time when men were men, games were games and shape shifting androids from Terminator 2 were shape shifting androids from Terminator 2? At the time, Nintendo was busy unleashing its Super Nintendo Entertainment System on the world. And now they are doing it again, with SNES Classic selling 4 million units.

The mini replica of Nintendo's classic launched back in September 2017 and to some serious demand nevertheless. Retailers reported their supplies being sold out mere minutes upon release and the company ended up selling 2 million units by end of October alone. Still, the company learned from its supply troubles with SNES Classic's predecessor, picture below, and seems to have done better this time around.

Nintendo Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition with a controller NES Classic

Nintendo's earlier venture into retro-land, the NES Classic Edition, was a hit in its own right, selling 2.3 million units in six months. The figure pales in comparison however when compared to the SNES Classic and the company seems to have grabbed the public right by the feels once more.

A chance for some serious profits coupled with people taking advantage of limited availability to inflate pricing and resell these devices seems to have spurred the company on to mine the hell out of those last few shards of nostalgia. So, the company will continue production and sales of SNES Classic and there are even rumours of N64 Classic Edition.

Nintendo Hand holding a Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic SNES Classic

As you can see, the SNES Classic looks just like its predecessor, except for a much smaller footprint this time around. No wonder this thing sells like hot cakes, I mean seriously, how cute can you get?

The console is priced at £69.99, which buys you 21 preloaded games, one of which is Star Fox 2 - a cancelled sequel to one of the hit games of the era. If you want to learn more and/or purchase the SNES Classic you can do so on .

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