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First images of Mad Box console from Slightly Mad Studios

Published: 09:59, 05 January 2019
Ian Bell
picture showing mad box console
Mad Box

Slightly Mad Studios have shown a concept image of their new console dubbed the Mad Box. The company's CEO Ian Bell shared the first look at the console, and judging by the photos, Mad Box will feature water cooling and vertical design.

Just a couple of days after he officially  Slightly Mad Studios' new project, Ian Bell shared a first look at the upcoming Mad Box console. Bell initially said that the company will have some images to show in four to six weeks, but it looks like he couldn't handle the excitement and decided to go for it right away.

Keep in mind that this is an early prototype design, which is subject to change in the next three years of planned development. The first thing to catch the eye is, of course, the overall design, which looks futuristic. Ironically, it looks similar to those fake concept arts for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Mad Boxes come in silver , with RGB lightning on the front. The team have two designs at the moment - with and without the stand.

The side panel features Slightly Mad Studios' logo cut in, further emphasised by the RGB lighting. Bell isn't ready to talk about the console's hardware just yet but the image seems to indicate that Mad Box will feature custom water cooling and two front panel 80 mm fans.

Some people asked about the quality of the fans, and is it realistic to expect silent and durable fans like Noctua's. Bell said that's what they're aiming for but talks are still ongoing with several companies.

Additionally, Bell once again confirmed that all independent developers will be handed a cross-platform, "almost one-click export" engine to allow them to deploy their games on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Mad Box. He added that porting time will be minimal for those that have their own engine which will be free to use.

Ian Bell picture showing multiple mad box consoles Mad Box

As for the price, Bell said that they will charge more initially for early adopters but as sales and production increases the prices will drop. When he announced the console a couple of days ago, he said that Mad Box will be competitive with upcoming console prices and Slightly Mad Studios won't take a large cut like other console owners which will allow them to sell Mad Box at lower prices.

You can check Ian Bell's for more photos and information on Mad Box.

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