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Project Cars 3 is in development says Slightly Mad Studios' CEO

Published: 20:07, 11 December 2018
Slightly Mad Studios
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Project Cars 2

Slightly Mad Studios' CEO Ian Bell has confirmed the development of racing simulator Project Cars 3. In a post on GTPlanet forums, Bell said there will be a new Project Cars game but it will take a while before we get any additional info.

Motorsport racing simulator series Project Cars will be getting a third instalment, but not anytime soon according to Slightly Mad Studios' CEO Ian Bell. Even though the game is still very far from any announcement, Bell encouraged the fans saying that everything has been taken care of, the paperwork is signed and the game is currently in development.

Bell said that Project Cars 3 will be an ambitious title as the studio aims to blow every other game out of the water, whether it's already released or planned. It's a bold promise from Bell given the AAA competition in Sony's Gran Turismo and Microsoft's Forza series. But of course, it's always great to see confident studios aim for the highest spot.

To deliver such a huge game, Slightly Mad Studios will need time, and that's the reason we're not getting any info about Project Cars 3 in the near future. "It will take a while and I can't tell you anything, Sorry," Bell said in his post.

It's possible that the studio is aiming for next-gen consoles release given such a strong statement from Bell. Many GTPlanet forum users quickly responded to Bells post asking if the game will release on a current generation of consoles and what kind of racing licenses will be included but Bell remained silent to those questions and left the fans to guess and speculate about the new game.

Slightly Mad Studios last game, Project Cars 2 is one of the most realistic motorsport racing simulators in terms of realistic car handling. The game also didn't lack looks with various weather effects like blizzards and light and heavy rains.

Bandai Namco Project Cars 2 Project Cars 2

Unfortunately, it received a mixed reception from the players who criticised the game for weak AI, controls and bugs. Others praised it as an ultimate driving experience with a ton of content, realistic physics and nice looking graphics.

Hopefully, Slightly Mad Studios take the best out of the two games, add more to it and give us a great racing experience. You can find Bell's post in Project Cars 3 suggestions on GTPlanet forum.

Project Cars 2 - a racing simulator by Slightly Mad Studio

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Project Cars 2

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