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Shenmue 3 fans may not get a Steam version after all

Published: 19:46, 20 September 2019
Ys Net
Shenmue 3

It has been a while since Shenmue 3 made headlines with its switch to the Epic Games Store, and while Epic ended up picking up the tab for those who requested refunds, those waiting for a Steam version might not be getting it at all.

Ys Net broke the news via their latest Kickstarter update, although it's not a final decision, but rather the dev's attempt to prepare fans for an outcome that suddenly became a possibility.

"As negotiations with Valve are ongoing, we are not able to make a firm commitment at this point concerning the availability of the Steam keys", they wrote. 

We're fairly confident Ys Net, or publisher Deep Silver for that matter, aren't interested in any more drama over Shenmue 3, but it appears the decision is out of their hands.

"Requests for Steam keys will be accepted through the survey, however, there is the possibility that Steam keys will ultimately not be distributed depending on negotiations with Valve. An announcement will be posted in the updates with the outcome of the negotiations", they wrote. 

Fans who decide they'd rather go for a refund than purchase Shenmue 3 elsewhere are, of course, eligible for a refund, but they still might want to wait a bit longer. We're saying that because Valve might change their mind.  

On the other hand, it would be hard to criticise fans who lost patience with the game. Namely, Ys Net's game has been delayed a couple of times and fans who stuck with it throughout the development period over the promise of a Steam version probably feel pretty betrayed.

Deep Silver Shenmue 3 protagonist hitting a punching machiine Shenmue 3

As for the game itself, Shenmue 3's director is apparently quite pleased with how it's coming along. "In my mind, I think I was able to make a game that was several levels higher than the initial project, and I have done everything that I could that was in my power, so I am not that anxious, I am more looking forward to seeing how people see the game", he said. 

You can learn more in Ys Net's .

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