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SHELTERED 2 officially announced, launching on Steam in 2021

Published: 20:29, 22 April 2021
Shelter 2 officially announced by Team17, coming to Steam in 2021.

Team17 have announced officially that the sequel to the 2015 survival game Shelter is launching this year on Steam PC.

Building upon the original 2015 game, Sheltered 2 brings deeper strategic gameplay to the post-apocalypse. Players will be tasked with creating a leader and building their own faction, all while managing resources, balancing survivor needs, and keeping their base safe from external threats; everything from starvation and dehydration to radiation and enemy raids can prove fatal. 

Team17 Sheltered 2 game screenshot Sheltered 2 screenshot

Sheltered 2’s new factions system will be pivotal to a base’s success; players are able to send out expeditions to explore the vast and unforgiving wilderness, enabling them to forge relationships or ignite bitter rivalries that will be catastrophic if not navigated correctly. 

Players can also trade resources with other factions, allowing both bases to survive and thrive together; or they can go head-to-head with rivals in an expanded combat system, using force to grow their foothold in the wasteland.

Sheltered 2 Key Features:

  • Factions: The factions system allows players to forge relationships with other groups to provide their base with resources and support, or they can grab their weapons and take things the old-fashioned way 
  • Resource Management: Players will balance the needs and wants of their survivors, manage scarce resources, craft items needed to maintain the shelter, and build equipment to keep their group alive
  • Permadeath: New for Sheltered 2. The leader is the most important member of the shelter, so permadeath means that if they die, the game is over. Starvation, asphyxiation, extreme temperatures, and combat are just some of the challenges players will face in the harsh wasteland
  • Combat & Weapons: When negotiations fail, players will wield a huge variety of makeshift weaponry against hostile outsiders, fighting to the death in turn-based combat to win the critical resources needed to survive
  • Characters: Survivors have their own personalities, traits, desires, and skills to acquire, and the ability to customise each individually means every faction member is unique.

Source: Team17 PR.

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