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Sensible Soccer, Worms, Tomb Raider make Royal Mail's limited stamp pack

Published: 16:48, 08 January 2020
Updated: 17:38, 08 January 2020
Sensible Soccer's Royal Mail stamp
Sensible Soccer

We're not exactly used to Royal Mail being the one to remind us of the absolute classics that gaming has provided, but there's a first time for everything. They really aimed for the feels too, and we're getting some even if it means having to write a letter.

Just kidding - letters aren't even an option, which is no way criticism of Royal Mail. It's actually high praise for their selection of video games and the general design, which is just too gorgeous to be slapped on the back of an envelope. 

Royal Mail worked with the Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (Ukie) in curating the 1980s and '90s Video Game Set. "An action-packed collection celebrating classic UK-designed video games that put the ‘joy’ in ‘joystick’. A fun set of Stamps and Collectibles to get your thumbs twitching", they wrote. 

Their selection includes three Codemasters games, where each game is more than deserving to make the list. We're talking about Dizzy from 1987, Micro Machines from 1991 and (still) one of our all-time favourite football games Sensible Soccer, which launched back in 1992.

Royal Mail's bundle includes Elite, the grandfather of space trading games whose influences can still be felt in games like Eve Online and No Man's Sky, and Populous, Bullfrog's 1989 title that's widely considered as the first "God game", the torch which the game's director Peter Molineux carried onwards onto other games. 

Also on the list is Lemmings, Psygnosis' puzzle-platformer from 1991, Wipeout, the same studio's racer from 1995 and Worms, Team17's 1995 worm-a-palooza. 

Royal Mail's curated Video Games pack Royal Mail's Video Games pack

Last but not least is Tomb Raider's Miniature Sheet, which joins the aforementioned eigh-stamp bundle.

Royal Mail Royal Mail, 80s and 90s Video Games stamp bundle Royal Mail, 80s and 90s Video Games

You can find them and/or preorder them .

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