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Sega announce going back into hardware, is Dreamcast coming back?

Published: 17:39, 23 April 2018
Updated: 18:26, 16 August 2018
Elie Ahovi
Fan made concept art for the prototype of Sega Dreamcast 2
Sega Dreamcast 2, fan concept art

Nintendo's immense success with SNES Mini seems to have awakened Sega from their hardware slumber, with the company announcing Sega Mega Drive Mini. However, their announced return into hardware prompted much speculation about Dreamcast 2.

Naturally, this is barely the first time the masses hopped aboard the speculation train, as Sega's working on Dreamcast 2 has been rumoured about ever since the original Dreamcast retired to the eternal hunting grounds. 

Indeed, the images used here date back to 2013 and they're neither official nor commissioned by Sega. They're more like a prototype project by artist Elie Ahovi. Having said that though, we can't deny it looks pretty cool and pretty sleek, albeit resembling a weight scale from certain angles.

Basically, the entire hoopla started after Sega announced their answer to Nintendo's SNES Classic Mini, in the process publicly stating their desire and intention to go back into gaming hardware.

It's not hard to see the company's motivation - Nintendo's SNES Mini managed to by February 2018, which is insane for a console that's several decades old. This goes to show you can never underestimate power of nostalgia on hardware sales and Sega are aware of this.

Unfortunately, Sega has attempted similar revivals of its classic consoles on a few occasions, although it didn't come close to Nintendo's success, both in sales and critical acclaim. This prompted many to speculate that Sega is preparing a next generation console behind the scenes, although this is hard core speculation.

What we can confirm though is that the company will roll out Megadrive Mini sometime in 2018. It will be the same ol' Megadrive, except this time it'll be quarter the form factor of the original. It will come with a , most of them classics from the console's golden age. which many of us remember very fondly.

Ultimately, the likelihood of Dreamcast 2 is quite low but it's there, just as it has always been. With that in mind, knowing Sega and the current console market, it's more likely that we'll be writing a similar piece in a few years, with the same photos as well.

Elie Ahovi Fan made drafts and concept art for the prototype of Sega Dreamcast 2 Dreamcast 2, fan made concept


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