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"Revolutionary" SEGA announcement is not related to Microsoft

Published: 08:30, 01 June 2020
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Major SEGA news which is set to be revealed in the next issue of Japanese Famitsu magazine will not be related to Microsoft. Earlier rumours suggested Microsoft would work with SEGA to rebrand and launch Series X in Japan.

Earlier this year, a rumour surfaced online, suggesting that Microsoft and SEGA have a major announcement in the pipeline, set for reveal on June 14 2020. According to the same rumour, SEGA would be joining Xbox Game Studios and the latest reports claim that Microsoft will launch Xbox Series X in Japan as a rebranded SEGA console. 

Last week, we've found out that some big SEGA news will be revealed in the Japanese magazine Famitsu June edition. Many assumed that this has something to do with the rumoured Microsoft partnership but according to the latest reports from Asian media, this is not the case.

"We have got the Famitsu magazine, and saw what is so-called "huge scoop",  a key opinion leader in China wrote. "But we can say that the news is not the same as the rumour [about Microsoft partnership] but it's indeed SEGA-related, and have nothing to do with Microsoft"

Twitter leaked image showing xbox game studios and sega logo Leaked image

Luckily, Famitsu magazine is set to release on June 4 2020 which is this week, so we won't have to wait too long to see what the major announcement is actually about. Whether it's a new game or console, do not expect to see the name of the American tech giant in the magazine.

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