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Sea of Thieves server issues continue to mount as a river of players pours in

Published: 15:46, 21 March 2018
Sea of Thieves screen showing a Kiwibeard error.
Sea of Thieves

Greybeards, Kiwibeards, Bronzebeards and their other error buddies continue to terrorize players who are hungry for some pirate adventuring in Sea of Thieves. Massive popularity of Rare's game eventually caused a temporary server shutdown.

Rare's specific taste for lightening up the situation in the wake of server woes their game was presented with, prompted us to create yesterday's Sea of Thieves error Less than a day after tha, Sea of Thieves ran into more server issues that eventually resulted in the servers being closed to new players who were attempting to join the game.

The tweet above also promised a resolution of problems as quickly as Rare could do it, and sure enough the servers came back soon after.

Sea of Thieves staff noted that they will keep working on resolving the server issues in order to optimise the experience and asked players to be patient until the process is done. Considering Sea of Thieves' rampant popularity growth, server issues were to be expected at launch and Rare seem to be handling them.

This would all be nice and expected if the players' woes encompassed only the inability to connect. Players who do get in the game are reporting issues of not earning gold or reputation for completed voyages. These problems don't seem to be permanent and are fixed by relogging into the game, which may prove to be a challenge, due to the problems listed above.

Rare An animated skeleton taking a swing at a player in Sea of Thieves game Sea Of Thieves

There are also newer bugs that haven't been addressed properly, and Fishbeard error is one of them. Rare sugest trying to play solo to see if this will fix the issue.

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