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Sam Fisher and new pings are coming to Rainbow Six Siege soon

Published: 08:50, 17 August 2020
Rainbow Six Siege - Sam "Zero" Fisher
Rainbow Six Siege - Sam "Zero" Fisher

Splinter Cell may not be getting any new games just yet but Sam Fisher is certainly travelling across various Ubisoft's franchises. Rainbow Six Siege is the latest one where he will arrive alongside the new ping system.

Sam Fisher is getting a new callsign as he joins Team Rainbow which is oddly compatible with the number of new games in his actual franchise - Zero.

Fisher's gadget will be the Argus Launcher which puts him in the intel gatherer role as it functions somewhat similarly to Valkyrie's cams. It will be fired from the launcher but instead of just sticking to a surface, the camera will burrow into it. If it's a destructible surface, the camera will be able to see on both sides of the wall, floor and the like. When it touches an unbreakable surface, it will function pretty much the same as Black Eyes.

He is a two-speed, two-armour attacker, so while he's not moving at a snail's pace, he will not be darting around the map and spot everything. Furthermore, Zero is equipped with signature ballistic weapons from his Splinter Cell days - SC3000K and FN 5.7. Meanwhile, a karambit will be his preferred method of dealing with enemies in close quarters which is unique among the Rainbow operatives.

Besides the big operator addition, players can look forward to the new ping system which now has contextual icons. When you ping a barbed wire, the teammates will be able to see its icon and either avoid or move in to destroy it. The video below shows additional possibilities such as showing the gas can on Goyo's gadget so an attacker doesn't mistake it for a regular cover.

On top of everything, there is the new Hard Breach Charge gadget which is bound to shift the meta but it will not be doing that job alone. There are new optics and sight colours while some of the existing ones have been altered so operation Shadow Legacy will be filled to the brim with impactful changes.

Those who are TTS regulars will be able to check it out on August 17, 2020, while the live server release is yet to be dated.

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