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Rumour: Xbox app adds Steam integration in the wake of partnership rumours

Published: 13:31, 20 October 2020
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Players are reporting that after the latest Xbox app update, they are able to integrate their Steam friends to Xbox, something that they could not do before. This new feature appears in the wake of Steam and Xbox partnership rumours.

Earlier this week, rumours surfaced online suggesting that Microsoft and Valve could announce a partnership very soon. Apparently, the partnership would bring a brand new feature to Xbox players, allowing them to play Steam games on their Xbox.

Yes, this sounds too good to be true but after Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda, which shattered the gaming industry, everything seems possible when Microsoft is mentioned in the story. 

Today, Xbox players have started to report that they now have the option to import their Steam friends into Xbox Live, which was not the case before. Apparently, the option has been added in the latest Xbox mobile app update on iOS. Check out one of the screenshots from the new feature in the tweet below:

Of course, this could mean absolutely nothing since. Android and Xbox app have had this for months as pointed out by reliable Jez Corden . We suggest that you take the whole thing with a grain of salt until we get more information and a potential confirmation that something is happening between Steam and Xbox. 

It's safe to say that Steam games on Xbox would be a major coup for Team Green but we doubt it's happening just because it sounds too good to be true. 

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