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Rumour: Resident Evil 8 to have three stalkers

Published: 12:25, 04 April 2020
Resident Evil 2 Remake - Mr X
Resident Evil 2 Remake - Mr X

Reliable Resident Evil leaker has shared a ton of new details about the next Resident Evil game that should be revealed soon. Over at ResetEra, the leaker has now confirmed that the game will have three super-powerful enemies, know as "stalkers".

Today we got a lot of fresh details about the next Resident Evil game thanks to a reliable leaker Dusk Golem aka Aesthetic Gamer. The leaker claims that Resident Evil 8 is coming in 2021 as a cross-gen title and was actually named Resident Evil 3: Revelations during its entire development.

On top of this, Dusk Golem also shared a couple of new details about the gameplay and setting. When asked about the enemy types in the game, the leaker confirmed that at the moment, Resident Evil 8 features three "stalkers".

As you may know, stalkers are basically the game's super powerful boss characters that follow you around the map, making your life absolutely miserable.

Having three stalkers in a game does sound pretty terrifying but we doubt that Resident Evil 8 will throw all three creatures at you at the same time. It is all about balance.

Anyway, Dusk Golem also described one of the stalkers, that was in the Ambassador demo that some people played. 

"This Witch that laughs a lot and dissipates into a swarm of insects when you shoot at her. She's kinda' different than the normal RE stalker types (as are the other two), she is more of a trickster and likes to mess with you," it is written in the post.

Capcom Resident Evil 3 - Hunter Resident Evil 3 - Hunter

It sounds pretty cool and creepy and we cannot wait to see the rest of the stalker lineup. That may change this month since Dusk Golem teased more leaks will start to surface in the upcoming weeks.

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