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Rumour: Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 will feature only six operators

Published: 08:23, 14 January 2020
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According to the latest leak on Reddit, Rainbow Six Siege's Year 5 Pass will include only six new operators. Apparently, Ubisoft want to completely rework two existing operators and re-release them in Year 5.

As we get closer to the full reveal and official release of Rainbow Six Siege's Year 5, many leaks and rumours have started to surface online. In the latest one on Reddit, one player shared a screenshot from the game, which reveals a ton of details about Year 5 Pass.

Some may not like the fact that Year 5 will only include six operators, which is revealed in the screenshot among other things. As you may know, Year 4 brought eight operators and by the looks of it, Ubisoft are looking to lower that number to six with the next major update.

However, some Reddit users believe that Ubisoft plan to completely rework two existing operators and re-release them in Year 5. This wouldn't be surprising at all since the devs confirmed a couple of times that they are looking into possible ways to make some unpopular operators more viable and attractive.

Year 5 Pass also comes with a battle pass and you get a 30 per cent discount on Battle Pass purchase and 30 per cent bonus Battle Points. The leaked screenshot also reveals that Year 5 Pass comes with exclusive customisation options, 10 per cent off in the shop and 5 per cent renown boost. 

Reddit Leaked Screenshot from rainbow six siege showing year 5 season pass Leaked Screenshot

Ubisoft are yet to confirm the price of the new season pass but given that it comes with only six operators, it should be a bit cheaper. This is just a guess though and it's possible that Ubisoft retain the traditional  $29.99 pricing.

You can find more details in the original  .

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