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Rumour: Everwild in troubled development; still a long way off

Published: 13:17, 19 May 2021
Everwild's in-game world
Everwild, in-game world looks great

Rare's next big thing seems to have development issues. According to the latest rumours, the game is still a long way off and was having major issues getting off the ground.

Everwild is a hotly anticipated Xbox Game Studios title, which we already got to see a couple of times. However, gameplay footage of the game is yet to be revealed and last year, Rare head Craig Duncan said they didn't show or discussed Everwild much yet because they are "still playing around with gameplay ideas".

On top of this, Creative Director Simon Woodroffe also left Rare shortly after that for unknown reasons, which certainly is not great news for the game.

Today, we have a rumour, which reveals more bad news for the game. According to  HDTVTest's Evil Boris , Rare did not have a game when they showed the first trailer back in 2019. Over on ResetEra, Evil Boris  clarified that the team is perhaps now further in development  and could have sorted the problems but he also mentions that what he heard more recently backs up the troubles the game had.

Additionally, he says the game is still a long way off and does not expect it this or even next year.

Rare Everwild characters around a campfire Everwild, campfire

It's certainly possible that Everwild development is not going ahead as Rare would have wanted but we also have to say that EvilBoris' claim that Rare don't have a game is a bit odd. We know from reliable VGC that Everwild is a third-person action-adventure with god game elements. This has been reported after the first trailer.

Anyway, we are hopeful that Rare will do their best with Everwild since the game's art style and setting both look pretty exciting. 

Everwild, the wondrous world of adventure by Rare and Microsoft

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Everwild's mystical creatures!

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