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Rumour: Dragon Age 4 will focus on characters and storytelling

Published: 18:24, 02 March 2018
Screenshot from Dragon Age Inquisition showing Morrigan in Orilais' palace.
Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age 4 is in development and there are no plans for putting BioWare out of their misery. The frequency of bits of information from people working on the sequel popping up is reaching a point where it might soon become official.

Rumours for the Dragon Age 4 started back in August when Mike Laidlaw confirmed that Dragon Age series has no planned ending on his Twitter. He also said they are looking a minumum of two sequels at any given time. I guess nobody told the former Montreal team.

That came as a relief since Dragon Age Inquisition's Trespasser DLC left us with a cliffhanger, and there is currently no knowing what Solas will be up to next. Money is on him being the next major antagonist, as good intentions ended up wrecking havoc left and right.

There is also the lingering question of who will wrap up development for the next instalment in the series, as BioWare's life hangs in the balance already. It largely depends on how Anthem .

Bioware Screenshot from Dragon Age Inquisition showing the Inquisitor about to fight a dragon. Dragon Age Inquisition

Another tweet piqued people's interest as Casey Hudson promised players ''will be relieved to see what the team is working on. Character & Story focused.''

This was the formula that propelled Dragon Age: Origins to being one of the more easily recognisable modern RPGs, but this claim also raises the question of how they intend to make good on their promises. BioWare is no longer the team it was over a decade ago, and their latest escapade didn't do well in the story and character department. 

Previous games in the series had explored Ferelden, Orlais and Kirkwall. This leaves Tevinter, Antiva and Free Marches as potential candidates as the next game's venue.

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